Tree Care Equipment

boulder tree care equipmentAs part of our commitment to providing the highest quality Boulder tree care possible at Walker Tree Boulder we impeccably maintain our equipment and are constantly updating our chain saws, trucks, chippers and tree sprayers.

Starting with our chain saws, the most important tool a tree climber has we take great care to extend the life of our chainsaws and make sure the saw is in top working condition so to assure the cleanest cut and highest quality work.

Our routine maintenance includes checking the throttle trigger for smooth operation, cleaning the chain brake, replacing the air filter, sharpening the chain and checking its tension and condition. Other tasks include checking the starter and starter cord for wear or damage and cleaning the air intake slots on the starter housing. Keeping our machines running smooth not only provide for higher quality tree care but greater safety for our employees.

Just like taking great care of our chainsaws is important, upgrading our trucks and chippers is vital to providing the highest quality tree care. Here are links to a few of our trucks and chippers.