Boulder Tree Care Truck

For our tree pest and disease division we operate Chevy Silverado trucks equiped with a Tommy Gate lift gate. With this we service trees with a 200 gallon sprayer tank that is ideal for soil injection treatments.

We choose the Silverado for Walker Tree Care because it is legendary for its high-strength steel and dependability that lets this truck take any job. The 5.3 liter V8 Engine generates 355 horsepower at 5,600 RPM383b.-ft. of torque. That gives this truck an 11,100 lbs. towing capacity more than enough for any of our Boulder tree care jobs. Combined with best in class EPA-estimated 23 miles per gallon highway you can rest assured we are using the most fuel efficient vehicle for the job.

We choose the Tommy Gate to compliment our Boulder tree care trucks because it’s tried and true reliability. This lift is constructed with high-quality pumps and motors so it can handle the demands of daily use in the field. Having a lift gate that uses military aircraft-grade cable for added strength is what you need the materials we handle. Having this kind of quality lift gate makes it much easier for our employees to get their job done for you and with less physical demands on themselves, resulting in a more enjoyable work atmosphere and one that we feel gets better results for our tree service clients. The fully-enclosed hydraulic system is the safest we found and is encased within the lift gate. A built in pressure bypass prevents overloading and possible failure.

Our 200 gallon portable plastic sprayer tank was designed for a variety of applications and industries including drainage, lawn care, agriculture, tree care and everyday liquid transportation. The applicator tank was created virgin polyethylene resin. This is the perfect system for soil injection applications.