Walker Tree Care Truck

Our primary  truck is a 2012 Chevy Silverado truck equipped with a Tommy Gate lift gate. We also have soil injection/spray rig with a 200-gallon tank that is mounted on wheels such that one person can roll it in an out of the Silverado  with ease.  This system is ideal for soil injection treatments with water or fertilizer.  When performing trunk injections, we mount a lockable tool box onto the trailer hitch receiver to make access to equipment and products quick and simple.

We choose the Silverado for Walker Tree Care because of its reliability and durability.  Combined with best in class EPA-estimated 23 miles per gallon highway you can rest assured we are using the most fuel efficient vehicle for the job.

We choose the Tommy Gate to compliment our truck to allow us to load heavy items without having to haul around another piece of equipment such as a skid steer.  This keeps our operation small and efficient, and helps protect us from injury due to overexertion.  The Tommy gate can lift up to 1500 pounds!

Our 200 gallon portable plastic sprayer was designed for a variety of applications including spraying and soil injection.  For our purposes, it is primarily used for deep-root watering and fertilizing of trees.  However, it is also used as a pressure washer to rid aspens and other trees of some pests such as oyster-shell scale, or to spray dormant oil on smaller oaks to treat for Kermes scale.