Boulder Tree Service BBB Certified

Walker Tree Care, LLC BBB Business ReviewWalker Tree Care is proud to be a Boulder tree service partner with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB is a not for profit organization that was founded in 1912 to help foster trust between consumers and credible businesses. Today the BBB has grown to 112 individual local branches that facilitate the workings of this organization for a specific part of the United States.

The BBB serves a few major functions; first and foremost they qualify businesses who are credible and trustworthy for local consumers, they serve as an intermediary between consumers and businesses when they have disputes and they provide a web site for consumers to quickly find credible businesses to hire for local goods and services.

The Better Business Bureau’s resolutions of dispute procedures have been set by the national chapter and are implemented by local branches. In most cases the BBB has successfully resolved conflicts with mediation, There are times that arbitration may also be offered and provided if mediation does not settle the disagreement. The BBB stays neutral when providing dispute resolution services as their goal is harmony between businesses and consumers.

Some areas of work and professions are usually not handled by the BBB and associations regulating those professions, specifically the practice of professions like medicine and law fall into this category, mitigate conflicts here. The BBB does not become involved in complaints that have gone to court or where legal proceedings have been set in motion.

When the BBB receives a complaint from a consumer the first step is to contact the business involved and begin mediation and will work with businesses who are not part of the BBB to as well as those that are.

The BBB ranking system for member business is based on 16 factors; these are available to the public on a business review. The details on the points awarded to a business are available as well. Membership has no bearing on the ranking of a business. However how much information a business provides the bureau is a factor.

Eligibility of Accreditation is available if a business meets the BBB Standards for Trust. The eight BBB Standards for Trust are as follows; Build Trust In The Marketplace, Honest Advertising, Tell the Truth, Transparency with Customers, Honor Promises, Be Responsive, Safeguard Privacy of Consumer and Embody Integrity.

Walker Tree Care is proud to announce that we are an A+ member of the BBB and have achieved this by providing the highest quality Boulder tree service possible and by treating our customers with the respect they deserve. We follow the tenants of the BBB, specifically by maintaining a positive track record in the Boulder, CO marketplace and honestly representing our tree care products and services. We are known for treating our clients with respect including honoring all written agreements and verbal representations. If you are looking for a vetted and respected business to hand your tree care needs to, contact Walker Tree Care to schedule a free estimate.