Preservation and Planning

Making informed, educated decisions regarding the cherished trees on your property is the first step toward maximizing the health of your living monuments.  Not only will your trees show their appreciation through generations of beauty, but they will reward you financially as well.  Preventative tree health care pays for itself in the long term by avoiding costly emergencies in dynamic Colorado weather, and by avoiding situations where large, dangerous, unhealthy trees must be painstakingly disassembled in a challenging environment.  Additionally, add real value to your property by encouraging the growth and well-being of uniquely aesthetic tree species.  Mature trees, while beautiful, require a specific preservation approach as their advanced age makes them susceptible to disease and environmental stress.  Walker Tree Care offers specifically tailored pruning, fertilization, cabling and bracing services.  Nothing frames a home or property quite like a thriving tree.

Walker Tree Care will work with you to craft a long term plan for the health of your arboretum.  Here at Walker we understand the value of an individual tree, and we strive to achieve a state of maximum tree health.  Dave Walker, a certified ISA Arborist will conduct a complete survey of your property and apply his vast knowledge to develop a specifically tailored approach to preservation and future planning.

Together we can generate a comprehensive plan addressing the individual needs of each species on your property, as well as work to fulfill your overall aesthetic vision.  Our plan will balance your vision with needs for plant health care within an overall budget that works for you.  We will work with you to identify potential hazards both present and future, and also work to preempt insect infestation and non-native invasive species.  With over 30 years of professional experience, our creative planning process will provide you with a vast range of options.