Tree Diagnosis and Treatment

Boulder Tree Diagnosis and TreatmentYour first encounter with a professional arborist may be in response to an issue or problem you perceive with your trees.  This may be a result of acute insect infestation, chronic unhealthy appearance, or general concern for the well-being of your property.  Walker Tree Care employs the latest diagnostics and treatments consistent with the most up-to-date prescriptions and techniques from the International Society of Arboriculture.

Plant health care is an important aspect in proper care for your beloved trees.  While it may seem straightforward to assess tree health and diagnose problems, the vast array of potential issues and remedies necessitates the need for a professional with exceptional knowledge.  Many variables can affect both diagnostic techniques and treatments.  Similar symptoms can have differing causes on a case-by-case basis, thus an accurate understanding of the problem and root cause is paramount.  An incorrect diagnosis or ineffective treatment regime can cause additional harm.

Walker Tree Care is committed to employing the latest, most sophisticated knowledge base ready to apply to your property.  Our advanced understanding of diagnosis and treatment combined with a unique knowledge of treatment timing sets us apart from our competition.  Trust us with this critical aspect of your most prized properties.