Tree Diagnosis and Treatment

Your first encounter with a professional arborist may be in response to an issue or problem you perceive with your trees.  This may be a result of acute insect infestation, your tree may just not look “right,” or you may just want someone knowledgeable to come assess the health of your forest.  Walker Tree Care diligently stays up to date on tree disease issues in the area, and the latest diagnostic and treatment methods.

Plant health care is an important aspect in proper care for your beloved trees.  While it may seem straightforward to assess tree health and diagnose problems, the vast array of potential issues and remedies necessitates the need for a professional with exceptional knowledge of possible maladies and methods for proper diagnosis.  Many variables can affect both diagnostic techniques and treatments.  Similar symptoms can have differing causes.

For example, the maple tree shown to the right has a chlorosis issue.  This just means that the tree is yellow.  The yellow appearance could be due to one or more conditions such as drought; over watering; mineral deficiencies such as iron, manganese or copper; girdling roots; soil fungi; or insect damage just to name a few. 

Thus, an accurate understanding of the problem and root cause is paramount.  An incorrect diagnosis or ineffective treatment can be a waste of time and money, and may even cause additional harm.  In the case described, leaf samples were analyzed and the tree was determined to be deficient in iron, manganese, and copper; and the soil was extremely dry due to severe drought.  The treatment was to inject the tree with iron and manganese; treat with a growth regulator to reduce nutritional demands and increase drought tolerance; and put the tree on a more appropriate irrigation schedule.

Walker Tree Care is committed to getting the correct diagnosis in order to employ the most appropriate treatment to address the problem.  There are usually several potential causes to a problem.  We do our best to get the correct diagnosis and keep guessing to a minimum.