Tree Pruning

Boulder Tree PruningThe semi-arid ecology of the Front Range of Colorado offers a wealth of tree species diversity and the opportunity for your own Rocky Mountain property to be a veritable arboretum.  Effective pruning will enhance the health and beauty of your trees.  With an eye toward safety, Walker Tree Care will help your trees flourish using appropriate pruning timing and strategy.

Effective pruning increases light and air circulation, improves the strength of the tree, and minimizes the potential for storm damage.  Additionally, pruning enhances the overall shape of the tree providing a more aesthetic appearance for your property.  Ongoing maintenance will also make your property safer with less chance of shedding branches and debris.  Prepare your property for the dynamic Rocky Mountain weather with a proactive approach.

Whether you wish to maintain the current height, remove diseased or dead wood, thin the crown and canopy to create more light and air circulation, remove branches that are obstructing or hindering other trees or structures, or to shape the design of the tree, Walker Tree Care can help.  We can determine ideal timing for pruning to maximize effectiveness and minimize tree stress.

Pruning trees when young presents an important opportunity to set a young tree on a path toward thriving brilliance.  Effective young pruning establishes a strong trunk and properly-spaced branches.  Pruning young trees permits the use of mostly small cuts, which promotes healthy lifetime development.  Mature trees pruned later in life to regain structure and aesthetic appeal are subjected to greater stress.  Pruning of trees earlier in life reduces the need for more drastic and costly pruning requirements later in life.  This approach reflects the Walker Tree Care commitment to long-term tree preservation and planning.

Walker Tree Care offers a tree pruning approach that considers many factors including tree species and age, property location and layout, and micro-climate effects.  Don’t let just anyone with a chainsaw prune your trees, trust the knowledge of a licensed, insured, ISA certified arborist.