Spring Boulder Tree Care Services

Spring Boulder Tree Care ServicesJust like anything in life proper care and maintenance of your trees at the right time of the year can significantly prolong the health and life of your trees and in the long run save money. Each season, winter, spring, summer and fall have specific and overlapping tree services that are the most appropriate for that time of year.

Recommended Spring Boulder Tree Care Services
– Spring fertilizing
– Pesticide applications *
– General pruning but not fruit trees or American elm **
– Tree removal
– Tree risk assessment and other tree-related consulting services

* For the health of the environment Walker Tree Care provides limited pesticide application services. We do trunk injections, and lower trunk sprays only. We do not provide broadcast spray or insecticide soil drench or soil injection services.)
**Due to concerns of fire blight and Dutch elm disease we prune this type of tree during winter months only

Spring Tree Fertilizing
Trees require nutrients to live and thrive and with the flush of growth trees experience in spring this is a crucial time to give them those nutrients they need. The most beneficial time to fertilize starts when the ground is workable in the spring after it thaws until just before trees start their growth spurt in early May. The nutrients required by all plants, including trees, can be divided into two groups: macronutrients and micronutrients, based upon the quantity necessary for growth. These include nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), and sulfur (S). Our fertilizer mix also includes humates to augment organic content and a wetting agent. We prefer soil injections so the fertilizer is getting the nutrients where they will best be taken up by the tree’s roots.

Spring Pesticide Application
Many insects and diseases are most effectively treated during the spring months. Check your trees and shrubs regularly for any sign of pest activity. If you see indications of pests or disease, call us so we can determine the best time and method to address the problem.

Spring Tree Pruning
Spring is an ideal time to prune out dead wood and frost damage that may have occurred during the harsh winter. Minimal pruning of live tissue can also be this time of year to maintain a tree’s shape and structure.  More severe pruning should be deferred until the Spring growth flush has passed.

Spring Tree Removal
Tree removal can be done any time of year, but Spring is often the first time a homeowner becomes aware that a tree needs to come out.  In addition to having extreme knowledge on how to remove a tree properly, we use the most up to date safety practices and equipment, and take great pride in knowing how to do it without damaging property.  Our Boulder tree removal service in can help you with all your tree removal needs of any size or type tree.

Tree Risk Assessment
Tree risk assessment is a systematic process to identify, analyze and evaluate tree risk. Dave Walker, owner of Walker Tree Care earned the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) in 2015 after two days of intensive training and a 1/2-day exam.  Tree risk assessment is used to evaluate the likelihood of tree failure under normal conditions, and the likely consequences of such a failure.  Homeowners, property managers and urban foresters can benefit from tree risk assessment if they are concerned that a tree has potential to damage property of any sort (structures, cars, other trees), or cause personal injury.  Give us a call if you have a tree that you are concerned about.  We can help you determine the risk and provide mitigation options.