Environmental Award for Innovation

Boulder Tree Service AwardAs many of you know, Walker Tree Care (Dave Walker) was bestowed the honor of working on an environmentally important project that has bee designed to protect wildlife in the Amason. We have been working with Walsh Ecuador and Petroamazonas on a project in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador building artificial canopy bridges to mitigate habitat fragmentation due to construction of oil roadways and pipelines.  This project has been ongoing for a couple of years, and is the first of its kind in South America.  The bridges are designed primarily for use by primates (monkeys), because they will not cross the open spaces on the ground.  We confirmed that animals are using the bridges earlier this year with motion-sensing camera traps that were placed in the trees.

The work is in a very remote region of the Amazon jungle of Ecuador, near the border with Peru.  The only way to access the area is by boat or helicopter (we take the boat).  The only roads in the area were constructed for the sole purpose of oil production, and once the drilling is completed, they will be reclaimed and the forest will be allowed to grow back.  After that, maintenance operations will be done by helicopter.  These roads do not connect to the “outside world”.

Walker Tree Care’s involvement in this project thus far has been to help design the anchoring systems, install the bridges in the trees, install the cameras, and change the batteries and memory cards in the cameras.  In fact, nearly all of the work in the canopy has been done by Walker Tree Care, although we are training an Ecuadorian to do this work as well.

As a result of our efforts, the Energy Institute of London has recognized Walsh Ecuador and Petroamazonas with the Environmental Award for innovation in the energy industry for 2015.  We are all very proud to have this recognition from the international community.  In addition, Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador mentioned the award last week in a national speech, and there has been press coverage in Ecuador this week.

For those of you who care to watch a short video that was presented at the award ceremony, click HERE to view it on YouTube.  The video is in Spanish, but you can get the idea from watching the video.  A copy of the award certificate is also below.

The work is ongoing, and I hope to continue to be involved.  I feel that oil production is inevitable, but this is one way that I can help to minimize the environmental impacts.

We are honored to put our ISA Certified Arborist skills to work on projects that have an impact on not only the animals this was designed to help but on the global community as a whole by protecting one of the largest eco systems in the world. Seeing our company grow from providing local Boulder tree service to working on a project with an internationally like this give us great pride. We look forward to continuing our work on this project and look for further opportunities to put our skills to use in any way that can be beneficial to the environment, whether it be here in our beloved home of Boulder, Colorado or anywhere in the world our skills can be used.

Dave Walker
Walker Tree Care, LLC