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About Us

Walker Tree Care

Walker Tree Care, LLC opened for business in August 2002 as Dave Walker Tree Trimming. It was a one-person operation that provided tree pruning and removal services. As time went on, and the reputation grew, more people were hired, and the name changed to Walker Tree Care, LLC in 2007. However, Dave Walker maintained his vision of providing the best tree care possible at a fair price throughout the company’s existence. He has been present on nearly every job, and never ran more than one crew in order to keep the quality of work at the highest possible standard.

The focus has always been on providing the best possible service to my clients, and that tradition continues today.

Building canopy bridges in the Amazon jungle.

Walker Tree Care, LLC began providing tree health care services in 2014, and moved away from pruning and removing trees in 2018 when Dave’s shoulders began to deteriorate after 32 years of climbing trees. He did not feel it was appropriate to ask employees to do work that he no longer could. Since then, Walker Tree Care, LLC has been exclusively providing tree health care and consulting services.

In the 20 plus years since Walker Tree Care, LLC first opened, the focus has always been on providing the best possible service to its clients, and that tradition continues today. Many of those clients that started working with Dave in the early years are still using his services today.

Just some of my ratings and credentials…

Dave Walker

Hi! I am Dave Walker a third-generation Coloradan, and the heart and soul of Walker Tree Care, LLC. I grew up in Englewood, Colorado and was introduced to the Colorado outdoors at an early age. I began fishing with my father before I can remember, and at the age of eight, my brother introduced me to mountaineering. I developed a passion for the natural world that continues to this day.

I began working as an arborist in 1986 in Rhinebeck, New York, and although I loved the work, I really didn’t care for New York. So, I moved back to Colorado to attend graduate school in geology. I earned my M.S. in geochemistry from CU in 1992, and worked for several years as an environmental consultant for a company in Boulder, but was always dreaming of going back to the best job I ever had — tree climbing.

At the age of eight, my brother introduced me to mountaineering. 

Arborists have a very dangerous job, and there are lots of safer professions that pay much better — environmental consulting is one. But, trees are my passion, and after a while, I had to follow my heart. So, I opened Dave Walker Tree Trimming, LLC in 2002, and never looked back, although the name changed.

Shortly after opening this business, I became a Certified Arborist by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and have continued to build my credentials in the tree industry. I am now a Qualified Supervisor by the Colorado Department of Agriculture with a license to apply pesticides to ornamental plants, and I am an ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor.

I developed a passion for the natural world that continues to this day.

A few years ago, my old environmental company called me up because they had an interesting project in the Amazon Rain Forest of Ecuador. They had a contract to install canopy bridges across roadways and pipelines in the oil fields there so that monkeys and other animals could migrate normally despite the changes to their environment. They needed an environmental scientist that could climb trees, and I was the first person they thought of.

Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity, and made six trips to the Amazon Rain Forest over three years. The first two trips were to install 11 bridges, and several motion-sensing cameras on the bridges. The remaining trips were to change batteries and memory cards in the cameras.

We didn’t see any animals on the bridges for about two years, but in the last six months of the project we collected over 1,000 pictures of monkeys on the bridges. Walsh Ecuador and Petroamazonas (the Ecuadorian oil company we were working for) were given an award by the Energy Institute of London for environmental innovations in the energy industry for this project.

I know trees. I can help you know them better too.