— Carl Sagan

Pest & Disease Management

Dave has been helping trees with disease issues since 2014, and has worked hard to gain the expertise to deal with tree pathogens in Boulder County by learning from other arborists in the area, attending workshops, and taking online classes. Walker Tree Care is a commercially licensed pesticide applicator by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and Dave is a Qualified Supervisor.

Some of the more common pest and disease issues that Walker Tree Care deals with are listed below. However, I have extensive experience with other tree issues too. Don’t hesitate to call me about your tree health issues. I will help you get your trees on the path to recovery.


Boring insects including Emerald Ash Borer & Mountain Pine Beetle

Scale Insects including Kermes Scale & European Elm Scale

Leaf Beetles & Leaf Miners

diseases & Nutrition

Bacterial Diseases such as Fire Blight

Fungal Diseases such as Anthracnose & Apple Scab

Nutritional Deficiencies that Cause Chlorosis (yellow trees that should be green)

Care for your trees, and they’ll pay you back tenfold.